Cateeechee website experience

The process

Working with Cateechee, located in Hartwell, Georgia, was a great experience. It involved collaborating with the team and learning what it takes to design a website for a country club. The journey began with capturing video and photo content for Cateechee, progressed to designing their website, included meeting the owner and team, and culminated in the unfortunate news of the owner’s death in a plane crash. This experience was more than just a design project; it was about building relationships and learning together to showcase our vision of Cateechee to the world.

The process of designing the website took six months to a year, as we were on a monthly contract to assist them with more than just website design. In this blog, we will discuss how we started working with them, how we came up with the design, the process of taking photos and producing videos, the SEO portion of the website, their satisfaction with the final product, and our overall experience. We will also reflect on whether we would want to design a website for another country club in the future. Get ready to read about our experience working with Cateechee Country Club.

how did it start

For some of us we know Cateechee as the amazing golf course in along with Hartwell Golf Course. Since we are originally from this area we know about Cateechee from an outside standpoint but when designing the website, we had the chance to understand how it was created, the ins and out of running a country club and what is it that we want to promote the most of the website. Since everyone knew about the country club as a golf course, they wanted to structure it primarily for weddings, events, and membership. When someone comes to Cateechee site the goal was to tell the story of Cateechee from the start with the video reel we created for them. The video reel wasn’t just created on the go but we took time and decided what we wanted first, second, and so on.  With the help of Greg we was able to showcase Cateechee in the way that would compel the audience.

So, how did we establish this partnership with Cateechee? We met a friend named Theo through Melissa McCall, and he put in a good word for us when Charlie and Kelli were in charge of Cateechee. We mostly worked with Kelli, and our goal was to film and take pictures of Cateechee to help promote it.

We started working on that, and one day we received a call from Theo informing us that he had been in a plane accident and didn’t survive. After this period, we began working with Rebecca, the marketing director, and Greg, the accounting director. They were in the process of designing the website but were having trouble.

Our videographer and website designer met with them and mentioned that we also create websites. From there, he took over the website development. Years ago, they had started working on the website but never completed it, so they gave me old information to review and use as a guide to align with their original vision, which is what we did.

It's more to just creating a website

This process wasn’t just about creating a website; it was about capturing photos and videos that would make the website look great. When designing a website or looking for someone to build your website, you should want it to create an experience for your audience. Whatever they are looking for, they should be able to view the page and see what you have to offer. This way, when it is time to book or close the deal, there isn’t much for them to ask because they are excited about what your business is offering.

That’s why, for Cateechee, their website was more important than their social media. They wanted to be able to close the deal as soon as potential clients looked at the website. From choosing the right font to selecting the color theme, we looked at many other top country clubs and aimed to make Cateechee stand out among those sites.

The contract involved coming in 2 to 3 times per month to capture photos and videos and meeting with the marketing director once every two weeks to ensure we stayed on track. If we are not making progress, then money is being wasted, and we do not want that. Our goal was to keep the website fresh with new photos, video testimonials, etc., to continually attract visitors.

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