Fitness Production

Photography – Videography

At Lewis Media, we specialize in offering photography and videography services tailored for fitness centers and boot camps in Georgia. Whether you’re located in Athens, Hartwell, or Anderson, South Carolina, we’re here to provide compelling content for your fitness establishment. Our services encompass photography content, video commercials, and dedicated video content days for fitness centers. Our objective is to enhance interaction, engagement, and drive sales for your company.

Recognizing the significance of crafting persuasive content to encourage potential customers to choose your services, we prioritize the creation of content that allows for weekly posting. In line with this, we are excited to present a special package exclusively for fitness centers, providing them with the opportunity to utilize our services once every two weeks for 4 hours. This enables the creation of a comprehensive content library to enhance your online presence.

This Content Is Base Upon Customer Desire

Fitness Content Package

Photography - Videography
$ 750 Monthly for 1 Year
  • 5 Reels Per Week
  • 5 Edited Photos Per Week
  • Twice A Month (4hrs Per Day)
  • Testimonials Videos
  • 2 Commercials Videos