Premium Wine Distributors Inc

The Contract is made effective as of by and between Premium Wine Distributors Inc and Versatile Impact, LLC (DBA Lewis Media)

Description of Service: Versatile Impact, LLC will provide Premium Wine Distributors Inc:

Full Custom Website Design Experience 1 to 5 Pages

Vinoshipper Integration

SEO Setup

Website Backup Storage

Direct Contact (Via Email, Text, Phone Call)

Please note that maintenance and hosting fees are not included in the provided services. Clients have the flexibility to choose a hosting company that best fits their needs and preferences. However, for added convenience and peace of mind, clients have the option to opt-in for our hosting and maintenance package.

For a monthly fee of $25, clients can have their website hosted and maintained by us. This includes:

  • Reliable hosting services to ensure your website is accessible to visitors around the clock.
  • Ongoing maintenance to keep your website running smoothly and securely, including updates to software and plugins.
  • Technical support to address any issues or concerns promptly and efficiently.

Opting for our hosting and maintenance package streamlines the process and allows you to focus on your business while we take care of the technical aspects of your website.

Performance of Services: Versatile Impact, LLC, will provide adequate coverage for Premium Wine Distributors Inc Website Package and will produce our highest quality Website Package for Premium Wine Distributors Inc. Versatile Impact, LLC will deliver the professionally produced video content in a timely manner.

Payment Premium Wine Distributors Inc has committed to making a payment of $1500. A $750 deposit is required upon the signing of this contract. Please note that this does not include taxes.

Versatile Impact, LLC Information

  • Name: Versatile Impact, LLC
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Address: 8 Benson Street Suite C Hartwell, GA 30643
  • EIN: 824279730


  • Darryl Lewis
  • Email:
  • Phone #: (706) 371-7654

Term: Versatile Impact, LLC and Premium Wine Distributors Inc agree that this Contract shall begin on . For the month of February, Lewis Media will dispatch a camera, camera stand, and microphone to produce a minimum of four episodes before our scheduled meeting in March. Lewis Media will cover the costs associated with the camera equipment rental fee and shipment. The equipment will be sent to the CVS closest to your home address or mailing address.

WORD PRODUCT OWNERSHIP: Any copyrightable works, ideas, discoveries, product, or other information (collectively, the “Work Product”) developed in whole or in part by Versatile Impact, LLC in connection with the services will be the property of Premium Wine Distributors Inc. Versatile Impact, LLC will get permission for Premium Wine Distributors Inc content for promotional use before posting content on social media.

Website Design and Timeframe

Versatile Impact LLC (referred to as "the Company") agrees to design a custom website for Premium Wine Distributors Inc (referred to as "the Client") according to the specifications provided. The design process will commence upon receipt of all necessary materials and information from the Client.

Design Process:

  1. Initial Consultation: The Company will conduct an initial consultation with the Client to discuss design preferences, goals, and requirements for the website.

  2. Design and Development: Based on the information gathered during the consultation, the Company will proceed with designing and developing the website. The design will be created to align with the Client's branding, vision, and objectives.

  3. Client Review: Upon completion of the initial design phase, the Company will provide the Client with an opportunity to review the website and provide feedback for revisions.

  4. Revisions: The Company will incorporate the Client's feedback and make necessary revisions to the website design until it meets the Client's satisfaction.

  5. Final Approval: Once the Client approves the final design, the Company will proceed with finalizing the website and preparing it for launch.


The Company aims to complete the website design process within a timeframe of 7 to 30 days from the date of commencement, depending on the complexity of the project and timely provision of necessary materials and feedback from the Client.

Client Responsibilities:

  1. Timely Provision of Materials: The Client agrees to provide all necessary materials, including content, images, and branding assets, in a timely manner to facilitate the design process.

  2. Feedback and Approval: The Client agrees to provide prompt feedback on the website design and promptly approve the final design once satisfied to avoid delays in the completion timeframe.

Completion and Launch:

Upon completion of the website design and final approval from the Client, the Company will prepare the website for launch and provide necessary support for deployment.

Courtesy: The Website Package and schedule and selected methodology are designed to accomplish the goals and wishes of Premium Wine Distributors Inc. Premium Wine Distributors Inc and Versatile Impact, LLC agree that positive cooperation and punctuality are therefore essential.

Warranty: Versatile Impact, LLC shall meet Premium Wine Distributors Inc obligation under this contract in a timely and workmanlike manner, using knowledge and recommendation for performing the services which meet generally acceptable standards in Versatile Impact, LLC community region, and will provide a standard of care equal to, superior to, care used by service provides similar to Versatile Impact, LLC projects.

Default: The occurrence of any of the following shall constitute a material default under this contract.

  1. The failure to make a required payment when due
  2. The insolvency or bankruptcy of either party
  3. The failure to make available or deliver the Services in the time of manner provided for in this contract.

Notice: Any notice or communication required or permitted under this contract shall be sufficiently given if delivered in person or by email, return receipt requested or to such other address as one party may have furnished to the other in writing. Assignment neither party may assign or transfer this contract without the prior written consent of the non-assigning party, whose approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

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Signed by Darryl Lewis
Signed On: February 7, 2024

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